Follow These Steps to Dye Your Brazilian Hair Extensions

Are you looking for something to give a new look to your hair? Then Brazilian hair extensions should be considered. Hair extensions have been popular for years, a lot of women, especially African-American women, love them to change their look by easy usage. Hair extensions is mainly divided into Brazilian hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions, the former is usually made of 100 percent Brazilian human virgin hair, it is pure and natural, while the latter is made of nylon or polyester fibers, but it costs less.


Human hair extensions can bring a lot of benefits, it is versatile, such as women can dye, straighten and curl human hair extensions. In a word, it can be styled in the same way as you do on your own natural hair. Now here I will tell you how to dye your Brazilian hair extensions.


Before dying, please make sure you have the following tools:


Brazilian hair extensions

Hair color

A brush

A color bowl

Plastic wrap

One pair of gloves

A Towel

Aluminium foil

A wide tooth comb


Here comes the guide to help you dye step by step:


First, disentangle the hair extensions, comb them with a wide tooth comb, then wash the human hair extensions to ensure that hair conditioner and other stylish hair products to be washed out before applying the hair color. Dry the extensions with a towel.


Second, prepare hair color mixture. Please ensure that you have worn one pair of rubber gloves and read hair color instructions. Pour hair color into a bottle, close the bottle and shake it well to ensure everything is mixed thoroughly.


Third, once the hair color mixture is ready, use the dye to apply your Brazilian hair bundles. Comb the extensions so that the dye could be evenly coated. Use the aluminum foil to cover hair extensions once the dying is finished.


Fourth, rinse excessive hair color from the extensions. Use warm water and rinse the extensions fast and thoroughly. After all hair color is removed, use shampoo to wash the extensions and then apply hair conditioner. Combing the extensions gently after applying conditioner.


Fifth, use cold water to rinse your colored Brazilian extensions to get rid of the conditioner.


Sixth, it is best to air dry the extensions, because air drying could preserve moisture in the hair and make the hair look more natural. But you can also use a blow drier if in a hurry.


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