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Choose the Best Watch for Men – Type of Watch

The question at hand is how to choose the best watch for men, in this article we are going to look at some of the main features to consider while choosing the best watch for men, depending on your tastes and the amount of money you are willing and able to use. Some of these features will include the type of watch, its functions, water resistance, price, manufacturer of the watch, warranty and many more features.
How do you know which watch is the best? This is a question that is very hard to answer; this is because when it comes to watches everyone knows the best watch for him. A watch is a piece that without care can be worn at the wrong time for a wrong occasion. If you are wearing a suit for example, a digital watch is a poor choice to wear. Watches for men were designed for knowing time but as time goes watches are being worn for other reasons like fashion, luxury. People these days wear watches that match the suit they wear and the occasion they are attending at that particular time, this has made manufacturers to make watches of different types and forms, for example the vintage pocket watch that was worn by train conductors.

These watches have been around for a very long time. They basically consist of an hour, minute and seconds hand held on a face. They display a 12-hour day either using numeral numbers, roman numbers or makers. These watches are considered a formal and classic wear. Analog watches carry some class when worn in proper places like a meeting, on a date or other formal places. This has made well-made analog watches to be very expensive. Think of a situation where a particular analog watch is handmade and there are only a limited number of them on the market, making such classic watches’ owners to value them a lot. These and many more reasons have made the analog watches to still dominate the market when it comes to their value.

Digital watches have small LCD (liquid crystal display) or LED (light emitting diode) on the face that displays time in numeric form for example 7:30. Digital watches are most commonly used for sports as timers while running, swimming and many more functions. They have varying features like alarms, digital compasses and are more resistant to things like shock when they fall down as compared to analog watches. An ultra-small battery that is found in small calculators and other digital gadgets mostly powers digital watches. A digital watch is good for non-casual events like sports day. They come in handy during night time, as they have a light on their face.

These watches have both an analog and a digital face. They have a battery and a quartz or mechanical (hand- wound). These watches are multipurpose and can be worn to work or other formal events as well as be used for normal daily routine like sports events. Those who still fancy analog watches but want digital watches, these watches are ideal for them. Having the modern part of watches in them, they are made to increase their shock resistance and water resistance as well.